How does it work?
After you become a partner of Mobitrans, we will send you our banner library from where you can select banners that you think will generate most clicks from visitors to your website. The banners have unique links that make it possible for us to see which visitors are coming from your website. Every time a user subscribes to any of our services, we will pay you a very attractive commission. As a partner you will receive your own login and password to our online sales monitor where you can see in real-time how many people from your website subscribed to our services. You can even do a test yourself and see how well this system works and how it can generate money for you. Become a partner today.
Who should become a partner of Mobitrans?
• If you are a website owner or promoter.
• If your website receives high traffic from the Middle East, Africa or Asia.
• If you would like to maintain a very attractive extra revenue stream through your website.
Become a partner today.